They’ve arrived…but selling fast! 6

The swimming cap everyone will want to be seen wearing this autumn, winter, spring & summer have arrived…they do NOT come with a set of steak knives, they do NOT come with a money back guarantee – but boy do they look good!

A $20 note will secure one of these must have accessories for Balmoral in 2018 – I have 20 only, order quickly!

And by the way, they are actually a very good quality silicon cap that will be fit for purpose….would I lie to you?
Arthur Daley

6 thoughts on “They’ve arrived…but selling fast!

  • Stephen

    Can’t decide which colour but may as well be different and go with BLUE !
    Looks like I’ll have to show up to wear it and earn it …I’ll take two …I’m a twin!
    Cheers..they’re great…. !

  • Richard
    Richard Post author

    …like the historic Model T Ford they come in a range of colours – blue, blue & blue and in one size – to fit all.
    Flipper Dave – I want to see your money before I hand over the goods, I can see you trying to sell your cap on e-Bay for $25.

  • Judy

    They look great Arfer ! Can I reserve one please . I like the blue , but if they come in pink I’ll have a pink one ??

  • David F
    David F

    Will make Payment when the Speedo money turns up, can we take now and pay shortly (Not sure how we define shortly)

  • Avatar

    Gorgeous! Consider the first one sold!! Cheque in the post.

    (Hope they’re XL – someone told me “you have  a very big head” the other day)

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