Bob was down at the wishing well this morning snapping some pics of the wild weather. Tony happened by and decided the filthy churned up water was no impediment for a swim… A few hours later, I thought a swim was in order, having been out of action for a week or more, focusing on launching a new app at […]

What idiots would be out in this wild ...

There was me thinking “I’m the only one idiotic-enough to head out in the monsoon-like conditions” and I was greeted by Stephen, Dave, Judy and Linda at the wishing well this morning.  Proper idiots all of us! We opted for a short-looking swim to a nearby cat but the choppy conditions made it feel like a normal swim.  Stephen’s comment […]

“It’s very wet rain”

Well…we have the superb ‘Idiots’ towel & we have the swimming caps BUT what we need to complete the set is the designer costume ! Well….it’s here ! We have done a great deal with a very fine swimwear company called DELFINA, to produce our own range of ‘His & Her’ Swimming Idiots….BALMORAL BEACH branded costumes. I have attached sketches […]

Exclusive “Swimming Idiots” Costumes for His & Her ...

Rob joined me SBJ (the other Richard) for the big Sydney Harbour Splash at Rose Bay to celebrate Australia Day. A long 2.5 km course…..with Rob bravely swimming with a broken foot & a flipper ! Olympian Cate Campbell impressing with 15.48 secs in the 1km dash….the male winner beating her only by 30 secs. Winner of 2.5 km finished […]

A couple of Idiots celebrate Australia Day in ...

A big welcome to Matt Buckingham (nephew from the UK), who is now the third Buckingham family member to swim to the  post and therefore be awarded the  most honourable status of official Swimming Idiot. (Regulars might remember Rachel Buckingham (Matt’s Mum) and Heidi Buckinghan (Matts sister) who have already joined our ultra-exclusive and elite tribe. Matt confessed that it’s […]

New Idiot makes it to the post

A real smoky one this morning…..& capturing Chris directing us all towards the water for our swim. A reflection of tough times still in the bush.

‘Balmoral Haze’

A huge swim this morning for the end of the week. The starters comprised Ian, Bevan, Stephen, Dave U, Judy and Dave S. Out to the large cat with the blue awning, back to the wooden blue hulled boat, then straight to the far cone, before returning to the dirty cone and back to shore. Phew! I guesstimate that it […]

Friday swim 3 Jan 2020

Feelings of trepidation for the ensuing 2.3km swim today was not helped by the bushfire smoke permeating my bedroom last night, nor was the fear of sleeping in and missing the swim. I donned my wetsuit in the cloying humidity at 6.10am and made my way to the beach. A smoke hazed red sunrise, the water calm as, and a […]

Cobblers 2019

The water temps have been solidly in the high 22s but dipped today to 22.4C. A bit whiffy by the island so stay away from that end. I was pleasantly surprised to see a not so familiar face, one Katie Meredith, holidaying in Sydney before returning to her day job in Canada. Katie has also expressed interest in joining a […]

Water temps of late

The distance swum on Christmas Eve to and from the Scout Hall measured .354 miles on the outward stretch and .371 miles for the return leg. Thanks Google… you rock… NOT. So 1167m round trip although Dave S. exited stage left at the blue boat to head straight in, dragging his cramped calf muscles behind him. Phew! ?????

For the record – Scout Hall swim distance

A great swim with all my fellow Idiots this morning…NOT. I felt like Nelly No-friends. Hellooooo….where was everyone ? Regardless…thnak you Ruth for delivering the 23 degree water . Dave Sanney…buy an alarm will you. The pic. below sums it up beautifully….deserted stairs……and Linda’s expression most apt.

Nelly No-friends

Merry Christmas to the Swimming Idiots. I’d take a swim in your honour, although where I am (Lech, Austria) the water is pretty much frozen all around me. The only alternative is some skiing – the winter swimming of Europe. Enjoying a white Christmas – a rare treat for this Swimming Idiot. Cheers

Frozen water swimming.

Last swim before Christmas…..and a beauty ! Judy makes a surprise visit…after she & John were turned back after attempting to get to Bawley Point…bushfires still raging down the south coast (hope you’re OK Chris & family) plus Bevan (sans westuit), Dave S. (avec rubber), Rob J. and I …all farewelled by Linda on the steps. A wonderful long swim […]

Have a Merry one – Brothers in Arms ...