Moody Balmoral 4

The moods of Balmoral were on full display this morning ….in and out of the water. After one heck of a brisk…no…make that very cold.. Monday swim (Water 17.6 degrees/ 10 degrees out) …there were some swimming in rubber this morning….and so wise for the […]

My Balmoral pics – Jan – March 4

In case anyone is interested, here’s my compilation of Balmoral seascapes from Jan – March this year. It’s a slide-show video (apx 4 mins). Hit the link and Enjoy! This Is Balmoral Q1 2020

Round the island via the “drug boats” 2

Judging by the sleek boats on the visitors moorings, they were either owned by drug runners or executives in the ‘adult entertainment industry’. In any case, we had to check them out before heading to the post under moody skies this morning.  Dave U, Sutho, […]

Stunning Sunrise….attracts huge ‘WFH’ crowd 1

With the last “daylight savings” sunrises upon us, we’re witnessing some stunning dawn vistas.The only issue being, it’s attracting ridiculous crowds to Balmoral who are all of course unable to go to gyms,attend boot classes,swim at Ocean Beach pools or visit a massage parlours ! […]

A Covid 19 Sunrise 4

Stunning & ominous sunrise from the top of Upper Almora Street this morning…. It was two by two….as the Idiots observed the new “two’s company…threes a crowd” rules from this day forth…. No evidence of any coordinated Idiots swimming costumes that may implicate a group […]

New-ish recruit joins The Idiots

In a surprise turn-up, the idiots were joined on Wednesday by Rowena, newly returned from rowing camp in Penrith.  Unfortunately, having planned to be overseas for a bit, she hadn’t invested in offical swimming attire but was nevertheless allowed to join in (see Rowing Idiot […]

Ravishing Ruth and a bevy of beach babes! 1

The Swimming idiots were finally awarded a glimpse of Ruth in her customised Swimming Idiots swimsuit today – and as the pictures show, it was worth the wait! Ruth was also  joined by a cluster of beach babes (and Mike) for a quick photoshoot to […]

Moody sunrise greets Barrell swimmers 2

A very moody morning greeted Idiots…Bevan, Judy, Dave U., Rob J. and SBJ…..who ventured out to the first Barrell….(approx. 1.5 km) in smooth …rain,cool-topped water conditions. All Idiots resplendent in their new cossies….and none looking finer than Ruth…who was there to greet them on their […]

New IDIOTS Swimwear range has arrived ! 3

Hold onto your bathing caps….the new exclusive Delfina Swimwear range for Swimming Idiots (Balmoral Beach) has arrived….just in time for Autumn ! I’ll be bringing down “the collection” in the next day or so….Linda will be the official supplier & collector of $$$$$$$$. Remember….it was […]

Last day of Summer

Finally made it back into the water for the last day of summer. Awoke early and was at the beach around 6.05am. I was expecting the sunrise any minute. Well… the sun did not rise for another 40 mins. The walk to Deadmans’ was long […]

What idiots would be out in this wild weather?

Bob was down at the wishing well this morning snapping some pics of the wild weather. Tony happened by and decided the filthy churned up water was no impediment for a swim… A few hours later, I thought a swim was in order, having been […]

“It’s very wet rain” 1

There was me thinking “I’m the only one idiotic-enough to head out in the monsoon-like conditions” and I was greeted by Stephen, Dave, Judy and Linda at the wishing well this morning.  Proper idiots all of us! We opted for a short-looking swim to a […]