Sunny skies and a warm 15C

Ed and I ventured down for a leisurely Sunday swim at the very reasonable time of 7.30am. I noticed that the always diligent Ruth had recorded a delightful 15C at 6.30am.

Hardly a soul in the water and yet I managed two near misses and one hit. We swam to the end of the island marvelling at how clear the water was despite the rain. Down to the Raglan Street cone where I was grazed by one member of a swimming pack. Fortunately the offending party stopped and apologised for the hit. Not from the beach club, obviously.

A stop for a chat with Louise who was gliding along (no hair out of place) to the Raglan St end.


Coffee at Pasture with Ed to finish. Perfect.

Judy had arrived for her extra leisurely dip in the not so sunny conditions at 8.30am.


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