Nothing beats a Sunday Post. 1

Heading down the road this morning, Ed and I observed that the air temp was comparatively mild. We were treated to some spectacular dark clouds upon arrival.

I noticed Ruth had been and gone and recorded a temp of 15.7C.

Standing in the shallows, the pain in my ankles was instantly noticeable. Head in, and oh my god it was icy. So cold in fact, that the frozen brain headache persisted past the cones.

We went around a blue yacht and headed to the taupe-coloured sleek boat moored on the third pink cone (Is that the knocking shop or coffee shop Chris?). It turns out the hull was charcoal grey. Should have gone to Specsavers…

There was another guy out there so I stopped to have a chat. He was swimming without a cap and in sluggos. He had swum from Deadman’s and was headed to the beach near the Sailing Club. Crazy!

Ed and I headed to the Post, stopped to admire the view, headed to Polar Bear, another quick chat with other swimmers (it’s like Pitt St out there), and then straight in to shore. I was a little breathless at the end and happy to be back on dry land, and even happier in warm clothes. Ed was fine except for the chattering teeth at coffee that has nothing to do with the cold…

Quite a consistent turnout by the Seasoned Idiots and Real Idiots this week. Ed is quickly gaining his stripes as a Real Idiot by accompanying Dave (or cajoling, I’m not sure which) down most mornings.

As for the turnout by Seasoned Idiots this week – the numbers have been fairly consistent with Chris C., Di, Ruth, Meg, Claire, Linda, Tony, Janice, Gail, Sally, Robyn, Don, Rod, Pam, Robert, Peter, Peta, Bob, and Andrew.. to name but a few, making regular appearances. There people are real idiots when you consider how cold it is inshore.

Of the real idiots who seek warm patches where they can find them, we have Judy (although Bawley beckoned), Rob, Dave U, Ed, Bevan, Chris, Stephen, Ed, Dave S., and Sutho (or was that last week?!).





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Dave has been an idiot for longer than he can remember. However, his Real Idiot status was confirmed about 15 years ago when Linda and Bevan coaxed him out to the post. Developer and administrator of this website as well as reporter, photographer, and chief spell-checker. Thankfully, other idiots contribute to the site to keep it interesting...

One thought on “Nothing beats a Sunday Post.

  • Ian

    Dave , I swam a lazy 4kms yesterday and 2 kms today. If the water temp wasn’t around 14 today , I’ll do a nudie run tomorrow around the island.
    The water was Freezing.Unlike you , I swam past a seal, a penguin and a polar bear and stopped for a chat with each one of them. They all concurred that it was chilly and offered to help look for my my Willy that had gone missing during the swim.

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