Ice Ice baby 4

Shook my wetsuit out after this morning’s swim and this is what I collected… added it to the Vodka I was pouring myself to warm up. Geeez….6 degrees out & with a cooling westerly breeze, apparent temp. was 4 degrees on the steps. Bravo to the brave souls that ventured out this morning….Dave S. & nephew Ed (best wishes to your Mum /grand-ma), Dave U., Bevan , Chris and of course Sutho coming up the rear….and then leaving us for another kilometre swim.

The very fine sluggo’ models that came out of the water before us (Judy…you know those fellas), said the water temp on their thermometer was 12. 4 degrees and tell Dave to stuff his reading….well you know how the saying goes….Hahahahaha.

We finished off with a terrific “coastline” swim , followed by a ‘dugong’ along the shoreline…lovely; clear…before the rain hits this weekend.

Stay warm everyone.

ps. The shower after felt like it was raining nails.

pps. Where were the 3 lady ‘imposters’ this morning eh?

4 thoughts on “Ice Ice baby

  • Ian

    Well what a cracking swim it was this morning……the map below tells us we swam about 2kms ( wee bit more for me ) but a bloody good swim it was. My feet are still cold and it felt like 5 degrees in there, which is unusual, as this is the temp that was up on the board as I left this morning. I would also appreciate it if Dave S. didn’t arrange for his Tinder dates to be waiting at Cone 2 in future albeit,  Louise swiped left very quickly and left Dave for the next Buoy.


  • Ian

    Well, it was nice swim coming up the rear and then feeling full of beans, I did far, far post, deadman’s , then back to far, far post, far post then back through the cats and dirty cone for a lazy 2.6. I am still cold and might need to invest in a rubber tea cozy for the melon if this keeps up. And those fly by night, interlopers were no where to be seen. I too may look to invest in a thermometer and then maybe we can take the mean average of all three readings.I took the below snap when I got home…..

    Trident-wielding surfers ride Lake Superior waves during Polar ...

  • Dave

    Great summation Stephen. I don’t know where that gentleman had his thermometer or reading glasses, but there is no way that was 12.4. It felt the same as yesterday.

    The shower however was 12.4! Sand temp 8.9C. Well done to us 🙂

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