Brrrrrrrr… know it’s cold when…. 3

– Linda is chomping on a hot muffin instead of swimming.
– I’m the only one standing on the stairs at 6.30 am waiting for others to arrive
– The temp. on the car dash is in single digits (see below) and the Warning light is saying “don’t get out of the car!”
– Judy shuffles across the road in her Ugh boots & hoodie.
– Chris is seen strolling to the steps hugging a hot coffee before the swim.

Wonderful sunrise and clear water swim even after all the rain ….8 degrees out & 15.3 degrees in…..
A lovely ‘Diamond’ swim around cones, a yacht , Bevan’s rock & home…our feet froze….on the sand getting in & then getting out….even Chris talking in the water shoreline at the end…created a hot-breath look… Ruth magnificently swam out to the dirty cone ‘sans’ wetsuit in a style of Esther Williams after her recent 24 degree Magnetic island waters…and Christina about to flipper her way in of course ! was cold but coffees at La Republica did the trick….along with Judy,Chris & Linda were Bob, Ken “terribly well”, Gail & Luke …where we all watched a video on Chris’ phone of his daughter rowing in Australia Women’s Quad 4 snatchingacome from behind Bronze medal in the World Cup…bravo.

3 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrr… know it’s cold when….

  • Dave

    Great post Stephen! Thanks for the update. I had planned on being down this morning but duty called and I was the designated driver for my nephew’s sporting endeavours. A trip to Manly first, an hour to kill, so I headed to the beach and a coffee and bacon and egg roll from Jellyfish Cafe. Superb!… well the roll was…

    I forgot how beautiful it is over here. Wow!

  • Linda Eslake
    Linda Eslake

    In my defence I had been there since 5.20am and was just waiting for the gods to turn on the lights! I had a later swim and I must say that, while it was very cold, it was astonishingly clear and gorgeous! Well worth it!

  • Stephen
    Stephen Post author

    …and here’s the accompanying Sunrise that went with the 8 degree morning…..bewdifuuuuul !

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