What a week! 1

I swim solo last Friday in a full steamer wetsuit (18.1 degrees), the water is murky, no Swimming Idiots to be seen (SBJ turns up at 6.31am but is too hungover to swim) – and a week later I’ve had 4 swims during the week with Judy, Bevan & Chris, bumped into all the regulars – Linda, Dave, Ruth, Louise, Tony, etc. – and the water is now 19.7 and the sun’s been shining! What a week – glorious swimming conditions.
Off to London on the weekend & a tear was brought to my glass eye with Chris Meredith’s gift over coffee this morning – this framed photo should sit superbly in my new office & certain staff will be asking all sorts of questions (behind my back). Forget your Calendar Chris – this photo will take pride of place.
Look forward to seeing everyone at Christmas & that Cobbler’s swim of course!

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    Travel safe and see u in December.  (It’ll be a Cobblers swim – no need to bring swimmers). Please have a pint of proper beer in my honour!

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