Welcome to Winter 3

Beanies, Ugg boots, tracky pants & other fashionable attire were on show at the Steps this chilly morning to welcome in Winter. Whilst I was thinking of a short swim to the Baths & back to reduce the time of exposure, Bevan yelled “Barrel Swim”! My response was clear – Bullsh*t”.
Off we went to the faaaar cat, paused, and onwards to the Barrel it was.
A refreshing swim in a water temp. that Mr Sanney recorded as 16.2 degrees. A warm coffee INSIDE the cafe afterwards with Ken & co and the day was off to a great start. Yes, I can say I swam in Winter in 2018 whether I appear again or not!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Winter

  • Stephen

    Was really hoping to make it….but the “lurgie is lurking” & trying to stave off a bad bout of man-flu.
    Congrats. to the swimmers and look forward to joining you occasionally soon enough.


  • Dave

    Well done Richard! That sounds like a fun outing. Freezing this morning and the temp recoded was a flat 16.0C degrees. I went down for a late coffee and caught the Queenwood crowd… the queue almost out the door… A sit down coffee consumed in the warmth. Sensational 🙂

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