SWIMMING IDIOTS TOWEL -The Perfect Xmas Gift 6

Well…..coming out of the water this morning….with Matt & Chris …refreshed and energized after a swim thru. the catamaran and around the Pin….what I needed was a really good drying towel….well PRESTO…..my prayers were answered….

They have arrived …..the specially embroidered …SWIMMING IDIOTS  Balmoral Beach bespoke towel….in fashionable aqua blue & white diagnol stripes.

 Limited stock  I’m afraid… only thirty (30) available at the special SALE price of $35.00…..or two for $69.99  !

Don’t miss out…..I will be down for a swim tomorrow morning and  will leave one with Linda & will start getting your orders !

I’m away on business for the next week but will have the towels from Tues. Dec. 18…in time for Xmas and that present for someone special (yourself)!!

Cheers Stephen



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