Stunning Sunrise….attracts huge ‘WFH’ crowd 1

With the last “daylight savings” sunrises upon us, we’re witnessing some stunning dawn vistas.The only issue being, it’s attracting ridiculous crowds to Balmoral who are all of course unable to go to gyms,attend boot classes,swim at Ocean Beach pools or visit a massage parlours !
Seems all are mostly “Work from Home” …”WFH”…candidates.
It has been so dark up until 7 am of late but water a superb 21 degrees.
It’s crowded in the water too…with the usual pushy Beach Club swimmers barging through without apologies. Dave. U, Chris M., Rob, Dave S,’Boree Bob’,Ruth, Christina, Tony, Judy & John , ‘Rocket Rod’ & Linda all being around this week & all at acceptable social distances & in pairs only …and returning home straight after exercising of course…with a take-away coffee from Pasture.
Matt McGuire also seen this week at later leisurely hours with Sutho.
Missing Bevan of course…and will see him next week…Wednesday peut etre ?

I still have some special bespoke “SWIMMING IDIOT” cossies …Mens Sizes 28, 30 & 32….and a Women’s One-piece Size 32. So if you know any skinny small friends…yell out please.

A final shout out to Chris Meredith….our resident “David Bailey”…who inspires me to pull out my Sony Xperia mobile phone to take such gorgeous photos but whose status & position will clearly never be threatened….anyone seen a mermaid lately ?

Normal daylight hours next week….so back to an uncrowded 6.30 am ‘pairs only’ swim.
Cheers Stephen

One thought on “Stunning Sunrise….attracts huge ‘WFH’ crowd

  • Judy

    Fab photo Stephen . Sunrises not as spectacular here , but beaches a lot less crowded ; on my 4k beach walk this am I saw 4 other people , and after the walk I was the solo swimmer . Beautiful , clear 22 water , with only a few small stingrays for company . See you all , from a distance of course , on Monday

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