Oi….who turned down the temp ? 1

Those gusterly north-westerly winds brought the water temp down from 19.7  on Thursday to 17 degrees this Friday morning.

Linda did warn me that it was “fresh”….she wasn’t kidding !

Taking a dive…with a lot of  agghs and oohs were Rob J., +  Judy…and a special welcome back to  old regulars Matt McGuire & Dave Unicomb…(sore shoulder & flippers in tow)…. Katie Meredith….turned up in place of her dad…& she delighted in the traditional Friday around the island swim before heading back to Vancouver…great swimming as always Katie ! We’ll miss you.

Fish life was amazing …..water was so cooooooooooooool……and the warming  coffee afterwards wonderful…with Linda, Ken, Bob, John.,  Sarah Meredith…mother of the bride…and some extra family cousins.

Terrific morning everyone…that was before I jammed my finger in the car door and got it stitched…out of the water for a wee while.



One thought on “Oi….who turned down the temp ?

  • Dave

    Great post Stephen. You would have loved today’s conditions – 16C! It was stunning in. Crisp for sure, but the blue sky, thousands of tiny fish, crystal clear water all made for a magic swimming experience this morning.

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