New-ish recruit joins The Idiots

In a surprise turn-up, the idiots were joined on Wednesday by Rowena, newly returned from rowing camp in Penrith.  Unfortunately, having planned to be overseas for a bit, she hadn’t invested in offical swimming attire but was nevertheless allowed to join in (see Rowing Idiot on LHS of pic).  As the pic also shows, the Idiots are practicing great social distancing skills with ‘helicopter arms’ establishing clear demarcation between each athlete (I mean swimmer).

The team consisted of Judy, Rob, Stephen, David, Dave and me (plus Rowena and me) and the route on took the team around quite a few marks and land marks somewhere in the bay. My NASA sponsored satnav clocked the distance at 8.87 kms (+/- 8 kms) exactly.

And in more good news, Rowena was able to keep up wiht the rapid pace that had been set by.. I’d guess.. Stephen.



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