New IDIOTS Swimwear range has arrived ! 3

Hold onto your bathing caps….the new exclusive Delfina Swimwear range for Swimming Idiots (Balmoral Beach) has arrived….just in time for Autumn !
I’ll be bringing down “the collection” in the next day or so….Linda will be the official supplier & collector of $$$$$$$$.
Remember….it was only $45 each for Men’s briefs & $65 each for Ladies one piece costumes.

3 thoughts on “New IDIOTS Swimwear range has arrived !

  • Avatar

    initial test glamour photo shoot with new swimwear a big success!! Don’t forget to pluck eyebrows and get waxed for Friday’s mega-shoot!

  • Ian

    What a sight that are indeed……Richard, you will be pleased to know I have ordered the one on the right on the table with the big hole at the front…….the rudder will poke out of there nicely 🙂

    Just back from 7 days in Telluride skiing…..could have used  the budgies there for my snow angel…..



  • Richard

    The range looks fantastic – I hope to have the joy of wearing the design masterpiece one day! Do I dare ask – what costume will Sutho be selecting & wearing?

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