Movie Night at Cremorne : LADIES IN BLACK 2

There is a special movie screening of the new Australian film, LADIES IN BLACK , up at the Cremorne Orpheum on Tuesday September 11 at 7.15 pm.

This is a week or so before it’s released in Cinemas.

I’d really encourage you all to come along as its a Q & A hosted by Margaret Pomeranz with the films’ acclaimed Director Bruce Beresford.

I have been talking about this film ‘on the steps’ to you all for some time now & am so excited about it’s prospects.

(It’s based on Madeleine St. John’s best -seller “Women in Black”).

You need to BOOK now…truly…the seats are selling very very quickly…and do bring along your partner,a Mum,daughter or Auntie …they’ll love you for it….but Men are loving it too.

I am biased (as it’s a SONY Pictures film) , but having screened it to key industry folk….I can safely assure you it truly is a wonderful and most entertaining movie.

Cheers & look forward to seeing you all there & sharing a wine afterwards hopefully.



2 thoughts on “Movie Night at Cremorne : LADIES IN BLACK

  • Louise

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