Moody sunrise greets Barrell swimmers 2

A very moody morning greeted Idiots…Bevan, Judy, Dave U., Rob J. and SBJ…..who ventured out to the first Barrell….(approx. 1.5 km) in smooth …rain,cool-topped water conditions.
All Idiots resplendent in their new cossies….and none looking finer than Ruth…who was there to greet them on their return…looking dashing in her new fetching one-piece number.

2 thoughts on “Moody sunrise greets Barrell swimmers

  • Judy

    Great photo Stephen , and a most emjoyable swim – apart from a couple of unpleasant patches of leaves and woodchips . Also , beyond the post we were challenged by a very strong ? Westerly current. Overall , superb Auyumb conditions

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