I can see the waters edge…and a seal! 1

You think it’s dark in the morning – this tractor at 6.30am gives you a sense for it!
It was light enough to see a big seal swim between us & the dirty cone as we stood on the edge waiting to head to the catamaran. With a big kick of its black tail & fins Judy, Dave, & Dave all donned their flippers and set off to join their cousin.
A great swim this morning – air & water temp were perfect.

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One thought on “I can see the waters edge…and a seal!

  • Stephen

    Great photo…..and the Tractor has his High beams on just in case there are some people sleeping over on the beach…which make for delicate speed bumps !
    The funniest thing was the Chinese lady jogger that alerted us to the seal…who spoke fluent Cantonese…and NO English….and all I could think of was a shark or “Sutho masquerading ‘ as usual.
    A wonderful big seal that may have been the one sun-baking at Rushcutter’s Bay yesterday !

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