Happy Xmas Idiots !

A fantastic turn-out for the traditional Friday around the island …to the other side…..& back swim….pre-Xmas !

Starring the hard-working Dave Sanney…London -bound  Richard….plus Dave U. shoulder & all , “Yellow 24 Sutho”, Board member Bevan & Snappy Chris M of course.

We welcomed Steven “Josh” Josue to the fold (though swimming in the ocean aint the same as a pool for him)….Judy with flippers flying….& moi with a Xmas party hangover. We missed Rob J. & Matt McGuire.

Linda lording over the top of the steps, Chris walking in her flippers , ‘Cabernet’ Bob there as well, Judith sweeping  & raking the lawns beautifully , Catherine thereabouts of course plus darling Ruth too & John there for a dippy-dunker tea-bag as well !

Up for a coffee to meet the ‘deaf ‘ patriarch… Darrel ‘Ken’ Lea….who was presented with a special limited SWIMMING IDIOTS Towel…….he was seemingly chuffed & very thankful that the speech was given to him in ‘sign language’.

Happy Xmas one & all….7 am swims over the holiday season….culminating in a traditional ‘cobblers’ one on Monday Dec. 31 … New Years’ Eve.




(the other Richard)