Closer to home – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!

It is/was Robyn’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Robyn! I hope the pizza at Bather’s was delicious and the family get together was a joyous time had by all 🙂

Our trusty temp guy Ken reported the water temp as 16.5C yesterday which is a tad cooler than last Thursday (16.9C) when I braved the conditions after a break of six or so weeks. Louise and Gai were heading in, so I had to man up and pretend I wasn’t afraid of the scary jimbles. Fortunately, I remained unscathed – not so for Judy… Full credit to all the swimmers who still venture in regardless of what lies in wait.

I heard through the bush telegraph (thanks Linda) that the really early, before sun-up swimmers, consisting of Phil, James and Tony have been copping a hammering from the nasty blighters. It is scary enough seeing them after the event but I couldn’t imagine anything worse than venturing in, sight unseen…


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