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Bottles of Sicillian Whites, Classic Barossa Shiraz’s, Snappy Citrus Margaret River Semillon Sauvignons and copious beers were not […]

HNY Idiots -2021!


Shook my wetsuit out at home after this mornings swim & this is what I added it to the Vodka I was pouring myself to warm up. Geez....6 degrees out...with a cooling westerly breeze....apparent temp. 4 degrees reportedly....Those two big sluggo' models who got out before us ( know the gents)..took a water temp of 12.4 degrees....and told Dave where to shove his reading....hahahahaha. IDIOTS ! Bravo to all the brave souls...Dave U, Dave S. and Ed (our best wishes to your Mum/grand-ma guys), Bevan,Chris & of course Sutho chasing up the rear...who then took off for another kilometre swim without us... We finished off after "polar bear' with a sensational swim down the coast & hugging the clear shoreline before the rain arrives this weekend..... ps. That cold shower felt like it was raining nails this morning . pps. Didn't see those 3 lady 'Imposters' this morning eh ?

Ice Ice baby