A Covid 19 Sunrise 4

Stunning & ominous sunrise from the top of Upper Almora Street this morning….
It was two by two….as the Idiots observed the new “two’s company…threes a crowd” rules from this day forth….
No evidence of any coordinated Idiots swimming costumes that may implicate a group gathering…..all in different colours & designs for a covert swim around a cat, the post, back to Polar Bear and home via the Dirty cone.
In single file…or maybe even double file only…were Judy,Dave U, Rob J…and following up the rear…Chris M.& Dave S….with Ruth swirling by like
Best wishes and swim thoughts sent to Bevan & RBJ…in lockdown mode.

Stay well & healthy everyone….and if I happen to bump into you tomorrow morning between 6.45 – 7.00 am…it is only by chance….and I’ll let one of you accompany me on a bit of Aussie crawl to the Post.


4 thoughts on “A Covid 19 Sunrise

  • Richard

    Sitting here in week 3 of the London lockdown – I can truly say that the photo & the swimming you’re having is ‘surreal’ (I say through clenched teeth).

  • Avatar

    Crazy-good photo almost surreal Stephen. With a sunny forecast for tomorrow, lets hope for something bright and happy again….

    And if Bev is tuning in, the water’s terrible. Bluebottles everywhere. You missed nothing.

  • Judy

    Great photo and great swim this morning ;I especially enjoyed swimming flipper free for possibly our last group swim for who knows how long? ……and fancy ,I was thinking of an early morning swim myself and, so if I happen to see a like minded swimmer wanting a companion to swim with, I’ll certainly be happy to oblige- at a distance , of course ????????

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    Chris Colless

    That was some sunrise.  I walked down too early so missed it from the top of the hill.  I wanted to swim in the water when the water was the colour of ink!  Either that orI couldn’t sleep!

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